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The Davis market is not your typical one. Everyone finds a spot on the huge lawn and camps out while a live band performs. Kids take turns doing cartwheels in the lush grass, practice their hula hooping skills, and play croquet while the parents relax and enjoy the music while sipping a frosty pint of locally made beer (or lemonade in my case).

I was craving Indian so I ventured towards the Kathmandu Kitchen booth and tasting my way through all of the local produce vendors. Along the way, I picked up some strawberries, cherries, and peaches. After my shopping spree, I was starving and my veggie curry plate was just what I needed. I also found a fresh juice bar called Bare Juices and their Happy Beet juice was amazing. Sadly, I drank it all before I could snap a photo. If beets aren’t your thing though, they have other juices and smoothies too so don’t worry…there’s something for everyone!

Davis Style

I opted for a t-shirt and jeans to wear to the farmer’s market.  I would have worn a dress but we were squatting in the grass so a dress wasn’t appropriate attire.  It was also too hot for regular denim so I decided (with much trepidation) to wear my white jeans.  What should have been a recipe for disaster for my jeans – me sitting in the grass at a farmer’s market – wasn’t so bad after all.  I was excited to wear my new t-shirt along with my favorite sandals and trusty Speedy 25 handbag and it worked out perfectly.

Davis Gray Tee White Jeans Fedora Blogger StyleDavis White Jeans Grey Tee Street StyleDavis Grey Tee White Jeans Fashion Blogger 2015

Outfit Details: Two Songs “Yes Oui Shall Si” tee (here), Hudson “Nico” jeans (here), Chanel sandals (old), Louis Vuitton “Speedy 25” (here), Celine sunnies, and Biltmore fedora (old)

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