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Preppy Chic

preppy white blouse navy blazer plaid pants white pumps envelope clutch spring 2016preppy white blouse navy blazer plaid pants white pumps envelope clutch spring 2016 rear view

Preppy Chic

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

Lately, I’ve been in a very “preppy” mood when it comes to my personal style. Lots of plaid trousers and turned up collars. Every now and then I get obsessed with a certain look and I wear it until it has run its course.

preppy white blouse navy blazer plaid pants white pumps envelope clutch spring 2016 NYC style

To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on this look when I first put it together. I liked the concept in my head but I wasn’t sure how it would photograph. I thought it would look like I was trying too hard.  Or in the words of my photographer, Kristin, “you look like you’re shooting for a Ralph Lauren ad campaign in that outfit.” I could see that but I think Mr. Lauren would approve.

preppy white blouse navy blazer plaid pants spring 2016

You may remember this H&M blazer from my Navy: The Other Neutral post from a couple of weeks back.  Like I said, I’ve been trying to wear navy blue instead of black and this blazer helps me do that.  And now that it’s spring and I don’t have to live in fear of ruining my white jeans, you’ll be seeing even more of this blazer on the blog in the coming months.

The collared shirt that I’m wearing underneath my blazer was customized to my specifications by a wonderful online retailer called Eshakti.  I was able to choose the collar type, shirt length, and sleeve length.  And it has a pleated front that reminds me of a tuxedo shirt.  It’s been a little too chilly to wear it alone but I wear it just like I would any other button up blouse in my wardrobe.  I was wearing it under my leather jacket and sweater in my Instagram post from brunch on Sunday too and you didn’t even know it!

preppy navy blazer white blouse plaid pants envelope clutch white pumps spring 2016 fashionIf you think you’re having deja vu and have seen these pants before, don’t freak out – you have seen them before!  I was wearing the same pants – but in red and black – in my Plaid and a Bow…Perfect post.  They’re actually jeans and not slacks but I wear them as such.  I bought the red and black pair first for obvious reasons (they have black in them) and I loved them so much that I went back a week later to snag this pair.  You can’t wait too long to stock up on multiples of the same item at Forever 21.  They’ll be there one week and then gone the next!

preppy navy blazer plaid pants envelope clutch white pumps spring 2016

Preppy Accessories

I knew as soon as I started putting this “preppy chic” look together that my oversized Michael Kors clutch would be perfect with this look.  The shoe choice wasn’t so simple.  I was thinking about wearing my nude Valentino rockstuds but I hadn’t worn my new white pumps yet.  I’ll be honest: I wasn’t completely sold on the white shoe trend at first.  I didn’t really see white shoes (especially pumps) as being practical to me.  I like shoes in colors and materials that I know I can mix and match with lots of different outfits.  I bought this pair kind of as a “test run” to see if white pumps really would work with my wardrobe.  So far, I’ve worn them about 4 times and they seem to be working out.  And as much as I love my designer shoes, I didn’t want to shell out the cash on a pair of white Manolos – at least not yet.  This pair only set me back about 40 dollars.  Not bad, right?

Have a great rest of the week!

xoxo, CCB

Photography: Kristin Tully

Outfit Details: H&M navy blazer (here), Eshakti pleat front cotton poplin shirt (here), Forever 21 buffalo plaid jeans (old), Lola Shoetique “Smooth Talker” pump (currently sold out), Michael Kors envelope clutch (old), Chanel sunglasses

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