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There are days where I don’t know what to wear or I’m in a hurry and simply don’t have the time to curate the perfect outfit.  That’s where having a signature style aka “uniform” comes in handy – mine is a t-shirt, blazer, and jeans.  I know that some people have this preconceived notion that bloggers wear new clothes every day and we all have HUGE closets filled with all kinds of goodies and we always know what to wear.  That’s only partially true.  I have a confession to make: I am a notorious repeat outfit offender too.  I wore this exact same outfit the day before on a lunch date.  I got so many compliments and second glances while trotting about town that I decided that it should be the outfit that I post on CCB Diaries this week.

I made it out to Brooklyn this weekend y’all and it did not disappoint!  I finally got to try Shake Shack – it did live up to the hype BUT it will never take the place of my beloved In-n-Out burger back in California.  I explored the Park Slope area for the most part on this trip but I’ll definitely be back since there’s so much more to see.  I really enjoyed the laid back vibe there and the quaint side streets with traditional brownstones.  Maybe I’ll move to Brooklyn next year…hmmm.

Signature Style Ripped Jeans Fall 2015Signature Style Ripped Jeans Vintage Tee NYC

I tend to get obsessed with certain items in my wardrobe that it almost feels like I wear them daily.  This Forever 21 blazer is one such piece.  I bought it for about $30 four years ago and I wear it constantly because it’s so versatile.  I throw it over t-shirts for warmth on cooler days (like in my Grey Is the New Black blog post) when it’s too warm for a coat or to just look a little bit more put together while I’m out and about.  The leopard lining of this particular blazer adds a subtle detail to any look so don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves a bit and expose the fabulous lining of your jacket du jour – it can also make your blazer look more expensive than it is!  A blazer is a great investment piece for your wardrobe.  Focus on getting one in a great neutral (black, gray, navy, and brown) that’s made of good quality fabric.  Wool is great for winter and opt for lighter fabrics during the warmer months.  I don’t particularly like linen blazers because they tend to wrinkle very easily but that’s a personal preference.  The cut of the blazer is also important.  I prefer blazers with a more tapered waistline because they accentuate your curves but boyfriend blazers are great too for a more relaxed look.  If you do opt for the boyfriend blazer, make sure your other foundation pieces for your look are more structured to avoid looking frumpy.

Signature Style Vintage Tee Ripped Jeans

If you remember my post from last week, I raved about DSTLD jeans.  I’m wearing another pair of their fabulous jeans in this week’s post.  Side note: I’m not being paid for wearing or endorsing their clothing.  I just love their designs and wanted to share them with all of my followers, just like I would any other piece in my wardrobe.  Sorry, just had to get that out there.  I wanted a pair of black ripped skinny jeans but I didn’t want the rips to be too extreme.  This pair is perfect.  You get the shredded look without exposing too much skin.  The powerstretch fabric is also great because even though they’re a skinny jean they have that snugness that make them feel more like a jegging.  On this particular day, I wore black jeans but the style and color of your jeans doesn’t matter.  As long as they fit well and you feel confident in them, wear whatever makes you comfortable!

Signature Style Fashion Blogger

Signature Style Accessories

When I first saw these boots, I knew I had to have them.  How amazing are these?!  The gold platform definitely makes a statement and they’re surprisingly comfortable.  I was lucky enough to find them on Moda Operandi last fall and snag a pair.  But regardless of heel height, ankle booties are a must have.  I have multiple pairs in both black and brown at different heel heights.  Sometimes I tuck my skinny jeans inside of the boot and other times (it seems to look better with these boots) I don’t.  Booties also look great with straight leg and boyfriend jeans (especially if you cuff them a bit) and with dresses too (I’ll do a blog post on that soon).

Signature Style Tote Bag Ankle Booties

Signature Style Ripped Jeans Tote Bag Ankle Booties

If you’re looking for a great carryall that’s minimalist but functional, look no further than the Givenchy Nightingale.  I especially like to use this bag when I travel because I can carry all of my everyday essentials and a few extra things like books and magazines, bottled water, and snacks.  Totes and carryalls are perfect bags when you’re constantly on the go.  You don’t have to worry about changing your purse every day (trust me, I have those days) and they fit everything.  I also prefer shoes over handbags so I only own 5 purses total (if you don’t count clutches).

Signature Style Fall 2015

Side note: I didn’t wear my Celine sunglasses in this week’s post!  I’m a woman of my word and I started wearing my other sunglasses more often this week.  How could anyone not wear these though?!  I seriously should have my head examined but when would I even have time for that.

Have a great week, lovelies!

xoxo, CCB

Signature Style Ripped Jeans


Photography: Kristin Tully

Outfit Details: Forever 21 blazer (old but similar here), “The Beatles” vintage tee, DSTLD jeans (here), Charlotte Olympia “Lucinda” suede ankle booties (the leather version is here), Givenchy “Nightingale” tote in canvas/black leather (similar here), Chanel sunglasses (old)

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  1. Wendy Bhola

    I love those gold platform boots! Super cute, they look similar to the Charlotte Olympia brand.

    1. admin

      They are Charlotte Olympia boots!

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